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Introduction of TEEA

Taiwan Environmental Engineering Association (TEEA) was originally established on 5th of May of 1981 as the name of Taiwan Water Treatment Engineering Association. In 1988, the association was renamed Taiwan Environmental Engineering Association (TEEA) because the environmental protection is aware of great importance and for the purpose of matching the government to promote the environmental policy. On 07 February 2003, The new law of Construction Came into effect which had defined TEEA as a special construction engineering sector provide services in enviroumental related business only.

The past twenty seven years, TEEA had gone through tenth terms of chairman of board. The first chairman is Mr. Laster Lee; the 2nd - Mr. George Huang; the 3rd and 4th Mr. Shin-Feng Lin; the 5th Mr. P. C. Huang; the 6th is Mr. M. S. Pam; the 7th is Mr. Tony Hung; the 8th is Mr. Ou Chu; the 9th is Mr. Yin-Lien Liu; and the present chairman is Mr. Ching-Wen Hu who took the post on 20th March 2009.
In facing of the globalization challenge and the emerging booming market opportunities from the cross strait trading relation with china, , the original office space wasn't enough, TEEA , under the 6th board of directors' effort, procured a larger space & modern office in 9F-5, No. 24, Chi-Lin Road, Taipei, Taiwan to serve for the industry .

TEEA intended to develop its international markets capabilities and to exchange and share its experience and technology with foreign environmental engineering companies. TEEA members also hope to be as the strategic partnership with foreign companies in Global Environmental business.