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Message from Chairman

First of all, thanks of all TEEA'S members, It's my great honor to accept the post as the chairman of TEEA'S 20th board of directors on 20th Mar 2009. Many thanks to previous Board members who had devoted their contribations to TEEA and passed a solid foundation to me. 

Now, as the ch
airman of TEEA, It's my hope that we shall work together to carry out TEEA policies & goals and to promote the environmental protection, this is also our most duty and responsibility. 

TEEA comprises approximately 150 enterprises provide services such as environmental engineering. Consulting and operation. these services cover a wide range of areas, such as

1. Water & Waste Water Pollution Control Engineering
2. Air Pollution Control Engineering
3. Solid Waste Disposal Treatment & Incineration

4. Noise & Vibration Pollution Engineering
5. Soil Pollution Control Engineering

6. Environmental Monitoring System

Facing highly competitive market in Taiwan today, TEEA members, with extensive experience & practice in environmental field as well as taking in foreign advanced technique & know-how to increase the efficiency & improve the quality for serving industry.

Environmental protection and ecological conservation issues are gradually the major concern and topic in the world, as one of the global village, environmental developments are no longer as a local or regional objects, it has to be thought and treated from global viewpoints. Regarding to implementation concepts, it has to change the traditional environmental protection into more positive ways of treatments, such as minimization & resource recycling, clean production (or say, Green Productivity) and sustainable management & development. In the future, the environmental protection is as important as business management & development. As pursuing the growth of economic, everyone must take the responsibility to keep the environment clean and the balance of ecology. And then, the human life will be last from generation to generation. 

Due to the global economic depression, raising of labor union problems, strengthening EPA'S enforcement regulations, the business operation in Taiwan is gradually harder and harder than before. How to make TEEA members gain the advantages over other competitors? How to promote local industry upgrade? How to help membership to overcome the impact of participation in World Trade Organization (WTO) in the near future? All of that are the responsibilities of TEEA board of directors.

If you have any question or suggestions about environmental protection, please contact TEEA by mail or fax or e-mail, we will do our best to serve you. For the memberships' common benefits, TEEA will often makes the suggestions or gives the advice to the government ministers or EPA. 

Finally, I sincerely express my gratitude to you and hope to get your continued advice and supports. Thank you very much. 

TEEA Chairman
Ching-Wen Hu